Three Home Kitchen Renovation Ideas to Make Access Easier

How to Make an Elderly-Friendly Kitchen

As we or our elderly family members age, it can become more difficult to complete various household tasks. One of the most challenging might be navigating the kitchen, where many cooking and storage operations take place. If you are undertaking a home kitchen renovation to improve access and safety for an elderly family member, here’s what to consider.

Install Grab Bars and Non-Slip Floors

Grab bars are essential for keeping balance when standing or walking in the kitchen. Especially near the stove and sink, these bars are key for increasing safety and providing much-needed support. Additionally, non-slip floors can greatly reduce bad falls and nasty injuries that can occur in the kitchen. Make sure to consult a professional to install the bars confidently and securely.

Lower Countertops and Appliances

Lowering the countertops and appliances makes them much easier for the elderly to reach. Standard countertops work well for most individuals, but for elderly persons, it can be difficult to reach countertop items. Installing a range of counter heights can give everyone the benefit of comfort and accessibility.

Adjust the Kitchen Cabinet Design

Adjusting the cabinet design is also essential for providing ease of use to the elderly. Consider installing streamlined pull-out cabinets, rotating corner units, or lower cabinets with accessible slide-out shelves to make all kitchen items reachable. If you have the budget, investing in customized cabinets is a great idea, as they can provide the perfect storage solution without sacrificing on style.

Making your kitchen more accessible for elderly family members is a great way to make them feel safe and independent. Consider the suggestions above and make sure to contact a professional if needed. With the right renovations and adjustments, your kitchen can become more accessible and enjoyable to use for everyone.

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