Types of Home Additions to Consider Instead of Moving Out

3 Ways to Add More Space to Your Lovely Home

If you feel like your family has already outgrown the space you have, there are a few options to consider. Moving is always on the table if you want more square footage, but this could mean having to leave behind things you love about your current area like close-by parks, schools, shops, etc. That’s why we always recommend to first look into home additions and whether it’s possible to do any in your current situation.

In the lines below you will find the 3 most common ways to add more space to your home and skip the tedious moving. Hope you will find them helpful!

Conventional House Addition

This is a multi-room structure that will be directly connected to the existing house. You can add a few different rooms, depending on the space you have and your needs. When the addition is built well, no one will be able to tell that the house was modified in any way. The exterior and interior will blend perfectly together and you will be able to enjoy your beloved home for years to come and with all the people you love!

Bump Out Addition

This type of addition is built onto the side of the home and it’s just a single room. Whether you want an informal family room, a downstairs bathroom, guest bedroom or an office, this type of addition may be exactly what you need. It will be blended perfectly with your main house but you will get the space that will make you stay in your current home. In the long term, if you love your neighborhood, an addition like that is for sure the better choice as it will add value to your property and save you the hassle of finding a new place and moving there.


Sunrooms are usually added to the side of the house and they act as a supplemental living space. They are usually not openly connected to the main house but are separated by doors. They are generally smaller than a bump out and can be built in a few different ways, depending on the situation and the client’s desires.

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