What to Ask a Kitchen Remodeler During an Interview

Questions Worth Asking!

You’re probably thinking about how you’ll remodel your kitchen, and that’s a good thing! It’s a huge decision you’ll remember for the rest of your life. If you’re ready to remodel your kitchen, you’ll need to hire a kitchen remodeler. To ensure you’ll get the best possible service, here are some typical and usual questions you should ask during your interview!

Are you insured?

It’s one of the questions you should ask during your job interview! In the kitchen remodeling industry, accidents are common and even fatal. It’s because of this you should ask for proof of their insurance. You can ask for their insurance policy number so that you’ll have proof of their coverage. If something bad happens to your property because of the work they’ve done, you’ll be able to claim compensation.

Can I ask for references?

Many people ask for references, but few call the references. Of course, you can’t just rely on what someone tells you over the phone, which is why you should call the references! You can ask them about their experience working with the kitchen remodeling contractor and if they would recommend that you hire them! You can also ask them about the quality of their service and the timeframe they’ll complete the job.

What are the payment terms?

If you’re hiring a kitchen remodeling contractor, you should ask what their payment terms are! You can ask them if they offer payment plans or if they can work on your project if you don’t have the financial resources right now. You can also ask if they can give you a break if you pay them in installments.

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